ProMason: Your Trusted Source for American-Made Lime Mortars

ProMason: Your Trusted Source for American-Made Lime Mortars

ProMason is a leading U.S. manufacturer and direct supplier of premium lime mortars, specializing in solutions for historic masonry preservation and repointing. With a deep commitment to preserving America's architectural heritage, ProMason offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lime mortars formulated to match the specific needs of historic structures.

Why Choose ProMason?

  • Authenticity: ProMason's lime mortars are crafted using traditional methods and natural ingredients for compatibility with historic masonry.
  • Expertise: ProMason's team of experts understands the unique challenges of historic preservation. We're happy to provide suggestions if you need assistance.
  • Quality: ProMason's mortars are crafted with care to meet the demands of historic preservation, ensuring lasting and durable repairs. Our color packs are separate from the integrated mix allow custom coloring and incremental use of color for a more accurate match in the field.
  • Sustainability: ProMason is committed to sustainable practices, using locally sourced materials and minimizing environmental impact. Our US made mortars are not shipped from overseas and our concentrate cements take advantage of adding local sand for accuracy and create savings.

Products & Services

ProMason offers a range of lime mortars, including non-hydraulic and hydraulic varieties, to address diverse restoration needs. Their product line includes:

  • Repointing Mortars: Specially formulated for repairing deteriorated mortar joints in historic masonry.
  • Plastering Mortars: Ideal for restoring interior and exterior plaster surfaces.
  • Masonry Repair Mortars: Suitable for new construction and repairs using traditional masonry techniques.


Preserve America's Heritage with ProMason

ProMason is dedicated to helping preserve America's architectural treasures. Their commitment to quality, expertise, and sustainability makes them the ideal partner for any historic masonry project.

Contact ProMason today to discuss your restoration needs and discover how their premium lime mortars can bring new life to historic structures.

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