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Lime Masonry Patching Repair Mortar - Low Build

Lime Masonry Patching Repair Mortar - Low Build

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Elevate the artistry of your masonry restoration projects with our Lime - Low Build Patching Repair Mix, a meticulously crafted solution designed for achieving flawless, near-featheredge finishes on porous stone and brick. This pre-blended hydraulic lime mortar is perfect for restoring intricate details, patching minor imperfections, and creating a smooth, refined surface on your most cherished masonry works.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Blended for Convenience: Our Low Build Patching Repair Mix comes ready to use with just the addition of water, eliminating the need for complex mixing and ensuring consistent results.
  • Hydraulic Lime for Strength and Durability: Hydraulic lime provides exceptional strength and durability, making this mix ideal for both historic repairs and modern construction projects.
  • High Breathability for Optimal Moisture Management: The absence of Portland cement allows the mortar to breathe, preventing moisture buildup and promoting the long-term health of your masonry.
  • Fine-Grained for Precision: The fine sand in our mix ensures a smooth, creamy consistency that is perfect for filling hairline cracks and achieving a featheredge finish up to 1/4 inch lifts.
  • Versatile Quart & Gallon Containers: Choose the size that suits your project needs, whether you're tackling minor repairs or larger restoration efforts.
  • Ideal for Detailed Work: This mix is specifically designed for achieving fine surface details, making it the perfect choice for intricate carvings, sculptures, and other delicate masonry features.
  • Compatible with High-Build Lime Repair Mortar: Often used as a final detail layer over our High-Build Lime Repair Mortar, this mix creates a seamless and refined finish.
  • Carvable and Moldable: The unique properties of hydraulic lime allow for easy carving and molding, even after the initial set, providing flexibility for artistic expression and fine-tuning of details.
  • Color Customization: Easily tint the mix with cement pigments to achieve a perfect match or create custom colors. The cured mortar can also be stained or painted for further customization.
  • Low-Build for Thin Applications: This mix is specifically formulated for low-build applications, allowing for precise and controlled repairs without adding unnecessary bulk.

Ideal Applications:

  • Fine patching and repairs on porous stone and brick surfaces
  • Restoring intricate carvings and decorative details
  • Achieving a smooth, refined finish on masonry surfaces
  • Filling hairline cracks and small voids
  • Creating a seamless transition between different repair materials
  • Matching historic or contemporary mortar colors through tinting or staining
  • Artistic sculpting and molding on masonry projects

Why Choose Lime - Low Build Patching Repair Mix?

Unlike modern cement-based mortars, which can be too rigid and trap moisture, our Lime - Low Build Patching Repair Mix offers the strength and durability of a cementitious material with the breathability and workability of lime. This unique combination makes it ideal for delicate repairs that require both precision and longevity. Additionally, its fine-grained consistency, carvability, and compatibility with porous materials make it the perfect choice for achieving beautiful, long-lasting results.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Gradually add water to the pre-blended mix and mix thoroughly.
  1. Continue adding water until you achieve a dry, workable consistency, similar to the texture of stiff clay.
  1. Allow the mix to rest for a few minutes, then remix before application.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear, including gloves and eye protection, when handling mortar.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines for proper mixing and application.

Invest in the preservation and beauty of your masonry with our Lime - Low Build Patching Repair Mix. Order your quart or gallon container today and experience the difference that quality, breathability, and precision can make.

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